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About Berkshire

Berkshire, a division of Resolution Economics, LLC, is a human resources consulting and technology firm that specializes in helping companies build the ideal, balanced workforce.

Backed by Resolution Economics, Berkshire offers a comprehensive suite of services to our clients and partners, ranging from affirmative action consulting and audit support to DEI and compensation services.

Berkshire’s expert consultants work with hundreds of clients each year, assisting businesses in remaining compliant and establishing HR infrastructure to support growth and workforce diversity. The Company’s consultants are considered thought leaders in the industry, invited to address local and national platforms such as the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), National Industry Liaison Group (NILG), and the American Association for Access Equity and Diversity.

In addition to offering consulting services, Berkshire boasts an in-house team of developers to provide scalable solutions to common HR challenges. Berkshire’s solutions include balanceAAP, which helps to automate the affirmative action planning process, and balancePAY, which offers insights into your compensation data.

Resolution Economics expands our extensive array of services even further. A leading specialty consulting firm, Resolution Economics provides economic and statistical analysis to a variety of clients, including companies and law firms, with expertise in labor and employment matters and finance/accounting analysis.

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Products by Berkshire

By Berkshire

Berkshire Training

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