EdTek Services, Inc.

30 Wascana Ave
Toronto, ON M5A 1V5

About EdTek Services, Inc.

EdTek Services, Inc. stands as a beacon for small businesses seeking to harness the power of Learning Management Systems (LMS) without the complexities and high costs often associated. Offering a suite of LMS services, we simplify the launch of your training solution, promising an operational platform in 30 days or less, catering specifically to the unique needs and size constraints of small operations. Beyond mere software, EdTek enriches eLearning courses and training programs with comprehensive packages, including instructional design support, eCourse development aid, and relentless administrator and help desk support. Flexible and affordable pricing models ensure that quality eLearning is within reach for businesses of all sizes, scaling with your growth. With over 25 years of eLearning experience, EdTek Services, Inc. provides not just a platform, but a partnership in cultivating an educated, efficient, and empowered workforce.

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