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  • How Can I Align Technology with My Pedagogical Goals? - 20-Minute Mentor By Magna Publications, Inc.

    Many educators have an uneasy alliance with technology. They may be unsure about its value in accomplishing learning goals or how it can enhance the teaching experience. Because technologies are not necessarily designed with the classroom in mind, educators who want to avail themselves of these... Read More
  • How Can I Design Academic Integrity into My Online Programs? - 20-Minute Mentor By Magna Publications, Inc.

    There have always been students who knew how to game the system, particularly in the virtual classroom. A lack of consistent, campus-wide policies and procedures to promote honesty made it easy to be dishonest. Some departments didn't communicate to compare policies. In the most egregious... Read More
  • How to Design and Facilitate Online Discussions that Improve Student Learning and Engagement By Magna Publications, Inc.

    Higher education has embraced online learning. More and more classes are offered online, giving students access to an increasing number of courses and subjects. But online learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Instructors need to prepare courses that improve student learning and engagement as... Read More
  • Human Resources By Personnel Data Systems, Inc. (dba PDS)

    HR Features to Make Your Job Easier Our HR features are built for you and put you at the core of everything we do. Whether you’re looking for complete HR administration, employee and manager self-service, training and development, or something else, the Vista Human Resources component will... Read More