Products in the Teaching & Learning Tech Buyer's Guide

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  • Managed Print Services By Meridian Imaging Solutions

    Our Managed Print Services are designed to: -make recommendations for improvement upon analysis completion, taking output requirements into consideration -increase productivity and lower overall operating costs -provide one low price for all networked output devices -providing total print... Read More
  • MANSSA - R4 (Management Skills and Styles Assessment - 4th Revision) By PsychTests AIM Inc.

    The MANSSA - R4 is an in-depth assessment that evaluates a person’s managerial potential. This all-encompassing test covers over 60 competencies, traits, and skills. VITALS No. of questions: 391 Question type: Situational, self-report, skill testing Estimated completion time: 120 minutes... Read More
  • MEIQ - HR (Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Quotient - Human Resources Version) By PsychTests AIM Inc.

    The MEIQ-HR is an excellent tool for assessing emotional intelligence. The assessment is based on the mixed model of EI, and is comprised of both self-report items and ability/situational questions. The report provides numerical scores, graphs and narrative interpretation of four main emotional... Read More
  • MIT - R (Multi-dimensional Intelligence Test - Revised) By PsychTests AIM Inc.

    MIT measures several factors of intelligence, namely logical reasoning, math skills, language abilities, spatial relations skills, knowledge retained and the ability to solve novel problems. VITALS No. of questions: 109 Question type: Numerical, verbal, image-based Estimated completion time:... Read More
  • M-PULSE™ Inventory By Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS)

    The M-PULSE Inventory is an effective pre-conditional and post-conditional offer screening instrument designed for law enforcement officer selection. It can be used either pre-offer to identify candidates’ liability potential, or post-offer as part of a total assessment battery that includes... Read More